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Announcing the Latest Release of PShop 5.1 - Printing for Linux and UNIX Systems

Printing in UNIX environments has never been easier or faster – even for the slowest PostScript® printers. PShop™ is a reliable, secure driver set providing access to a wide variety of printer models. PShop is also ideal for use with many of today's wide format printers.

PShop has found wide acceptance for printing within large networks that include various printer configurations, from directly connected SCSI and parallel port printers, to remote print queues and network printers. For this scenario, Vividata is able to provide custom driver solutions for your particular print server applications.

PShop holds the distinction of the most number of licenses sold out of Vividata's entire product family! It is with pride that we announce the new release of PShop 5.1. We anticipate that loyal PShop users will be pleased!

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