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vvxtrComm.h File Reference

vvxtrComm.h, Information needed to communicate with the daemon without the client program. More...

#include "vvxtrDefs.h"
#include "commandKey.table"
#include "actions.table"
#include "statusTable.table"

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struct  vvxtrKeyValuePair


#define commandtable(A, B, C)   A,
#define actiontable(A, B)   xtract_##A,
#define statustable(key, action, type)   dm_##key,
#define XTR_READY   "xtrReady"


enum  vvxtrCommandKeyEnum {
  query_status, get_value, set_value, do_action, upload_block, download_block, get_version, add_word_to_lexicon,
  set_hint, set_lexical_constraints, set_region_properties, force_region_foreground, remove_region, VVXTR_NUM_COMMANDS
enum  vvxtrActionEnum {
  xtract_init_instance, xtract_end_instance, xtract_start_ocr_ses, xtract_end_ocr_ses, xtract_start_doc, xtract_spool_doc, xtract_end_doc, xtract_capture_subimage,
  xtract_read_image_data, xtract_open_image_file, xtract_unload_image, xtract_close_image_file, xtract_preprocess, xtract_recognize, xtract_init_values, xtract_kill,
enum  vvxtrStatusEnum {
  dm_daemon_state, dm_engine_state, dm_words_seen, dm_words_recognized, dm_characters_seen, dm_characters_recognized, dm_percentage_done, dm_page_number,
  dm_region_number, dm_line_orientation, dm_skew_angle, dm_current_skew_angle, dm_skew_confidence, dm_smotation_angle, dm_text_orientation, dm_min_is_black,
  dm_most_complex, dm_byte_order, dm_error_code, dm_version, dm_bitmap_split, dm_line_doubled, dm_regionview_mode, dm_codepage,
  dm_lexicon, dm_most_cols, dm_most_rows, dm_most_cells, VVXTR_NUM_STATUS_TYPES
enum  { vvOcrListenPort = 10101, vvOcrLicensePort = 10102 }
enum  TransferType { ttInvalid = 0, ttDoc, ttImage, ttImageFile, ttDocFile, ttImageFileLocal, ttDocFileLocal }

Detailed Description

vvxtrComm.h, Information needed to communicate with the daemon without the client program.

This file is only needed if someone wants to write their own client that communicates with the daemon. This file is not needed for normal usage of the API, where the user either links statically with the API or uses the daemon through the client (communicator) program.

Definition in file vvxtrComm.h.

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