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OCR Shop XTR/API User Documentation File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
vvConstants.h [code]VvConstants.h -- header file for constant definitions
vvError.h [code]VvError.h -- header file for error checking macro
vvLicenseClient.h [code]
vvLog.h [code]VvLog.h -- header file for debug log information tracking
vvxtrAPI.h [code]VvxtrAPI.h, Public Interface for OCRShop XTR API
vvxtrComm.h [code]VvxtrComm.h, Information needed to communicate with the daemon without the client program
vvxtrDefs.h [code]VvxtrDefs.h, definitions and enumerations for OCRShop XTR API
vvxtrDefsDocs.h [code]
vvxtrFactory.h [code]VvxtrFactory.h, Function declarations for the engine factory [code]Sample file for the OCR Shop XTR/API [code]Sample file for the OCR Shop XTR/API: Loading image data from memory

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