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vvxtrImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for vvxtrImage, including all inherited members.
chBitsPerPixelvvxtrImage [protected]
datavvxtrImage [protected]
dwBytesPerLinevvxtrImage [protected]
dwImgHeightvvxtrImage [protected]
dwImgWidthvvxtrImage [protected]
FromRaw(void *rawbuffer)vvxtrImage [inline, static]
GetBitsPerPixel()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetBitsPerSample()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetBytesPerLine()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetData()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetData() const (defined in vvxtrImage)vvxtrImage [inline]
GetHeight()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetImageSize() constvvxtrImage [inline]
GetTotalSize() constvvxtrImage [inline]
GetWidth()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetXDPI()vvxtrImage [inline]
GetYDPI()vvxtrImage [inline]
SetBitsPerPixel(unsigned short int bpp)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetBitsPerSample(unsigned short int bps)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetBytesPerLine(unsigned int bpl)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetData(unsigned char *imgData)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetHeight(unsigned int height)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetWidth(unsigned int width)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetXDPI(unsigned short int xdpi)vvxtrImage [inline]
SetYDPI(unsigned short int ydpi)vvxtrImage [inline]
sizevvxtrImage [protected]
vvxtrImage()vvxtrImage [inline]
wBitsPerSamplevvxtrImage [protected]
wXDPIvvxtrImage [protected]
wYDPIvvxtrImage [protected]

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