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For over 15 years Vividata™ has developed the best and most powerful Optical Character Recognition and tools for Image Management available for integration into your products and applications for use in Linux ™ and UNIX® server solutions.

Vividata provides a complete suite of fully integrated enterprise software solutions for optical character recognition (OCR), image processing and manipulation, printing and scanning.

Vividata's products are designed for integration into other applications, providing flexibility to end users, systems integrators, software developers and OEMs working with Linux and UNIX systems.

Vividata's Optical Character Recognition Software

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Custom Development

Legacy Products

  • Vividriver® ; API: SDK for integration of specialized SCSI scanners
  • OCR Shop™ GUI: A graphical interface for optical character recognition
  • PShop™: Printing for UNIX and Linux systems with SCSI and network printers

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