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Pricing Information

OCR Shop XTR™/API SDK Pricing*
Description Part No. Price (US $)

1775-API-X please Contact Sales
The development seat includes:
  • 1 copy of the API distribution, including libraries, headers, and sample code to be installed on one machine.
  • 1 point of contact, meaning one application developer working with the API who can contact Vividata for support in using the API.
  • 1 Run Time license for testing on the development seat machine this license key includes 5 licenses (instances), all features enabled, and all languages.
Run Time Licenses Part No. Unit Pricing
1-25 26-100 101+
OCR Shop XTR/API Run Time Licenses 1776-XX-X please Contact Sales

Each Run Time License enables one instance to run on the specified host, and permits the purchased add-on modules to function.

Optional Add-on Modules Part No. Unit Pricing
1-25 26-100 101+
PDF/PS Input 1777-XX-X please Contact Sales
HTML Output 1778-XX-X
PDF Output 1779-XX-X
Additional Language (each) 1780-XX-X

Contact Sales for an overview of the annual maintenance pricing structure for Vividata Developer Solutions.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.
† See Support Policies for details on Annual Maintenance.


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An OCR SDK for UNIX and Linux