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An OCR SDK for UNIX and Linux

The OCR Shop XTR/API is a high level SDK for developers, OEMs and systems integrators to embed robust OCR functionality into custom applications. Based on Scansoft recognition technology, our SDK provides unsurpassed recognition accuracy for Linux and UNIX production environments.

The OCR Shop XTR/API offers the option to output PDF and html documents that combine recognized text with embedded images. For greater flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of applications, 56 languages are supported.

Vividata's OCR Shop XTR/API provides the accuracy and power to meet the production needs of high-end custom development applications.

For an overview of the extensive toolset and functionality of the OCR Shop XTR/API, please go to the Specifications page.

If you are interested in OCR Shop XTR/API for your development, please contact our sales department.

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