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How to evaluate the OCR Shop XTR/API

To request a fully-functional evaluation of the OCR Shop XTR/API, fill out the Contact Sales form or call us. A Vividata Sales Representative will then work with you to set up an evaluation.

Browse the online documentation for the OCR Shop XTR/API to learn about its functionality, design and usage, view class library documentation, read through the FAQs, and to see an example program.

Consider evaluating OCR Shop XTR first, available on Vividata's website. Based on the same technology as the OCR Shop XTR/API, OCR Shop XTR can quickly give you hands-on experience with a subset of the features found in the OCR Shop XTR/API.

The OCR Shop XTR/API uses a C/C++ interface. For your evaluation, we recommend using gcc 3.3* and the associated standard C/C++ development libraries installed on a Solaris SPARC or Linux machine.

* If you plan to use a different version of gcc or a different compiler, let us know when you request your evaluation.

If you have questions or wish to discuss the API, Contact Sales.