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Image conversion for Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Irix, and Linux™
vividX™ performs fast, high quality image conversions on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, and Linux™ systems.

The vividX command line interface (CLI) converts image files, including document, photographic, and engineering files.

vividX features:

  • Batch processing via a command-line interface
  • Large number of supported input and output formats
  • Conversions from one image format to another
  • Conversion algorithms such as rotation, scaling, and smoothing along with numerous filtering options for anti-aliasing
  • User controlled page range selection, page inclusion or exclusion options, and document merging
  • Image depth and resolution control for PostScript® and PDF files
  • TIFF eiStream Annotation support (formerly Wang-TIFF Annotations)

Use vividX to:

  • Preprocess images prior to optical character recognition (OCR) for improved recognition results
  • Batch process image files to scale, filter, or change file format for use or display in your application
  • Create thumbnails or convert images to web-friendly formats
  • Combine single-page images into multipage image files, or separate multipage image files into single page images
  • Render PostScript (PS) and PDF files

vividX is a flexible image conversion tool that can be purchased with technical support. Vividata can add custom functionality to vividX for specific customers. Contact Sales with your questions and ideas.

An image conversion tool with technical support and custom feature development.