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Technical Specifications

The Vividriver® API is a software utility that enables systems integrators, OEMs and software developers to integrate scanning into their own applications quickly and easily. Its modular and open architecture offers exceptional value and strategic advantages.

API user interface and scanner controls:

Via the API, your application can call the preview/scan parameters dialog and scan images into files or memory.

Device independence:

The High Level Drivers provide peripheral device independence. The Vividriver API insulates you from the details of any particular device.

Host adaptor independence:

Low Level Drivers insulate you from the details of various host adaptors. Sun's SCSA and SI systems are supported.

Platform independence:

With the multitude of operating systems in use today and coming in the future, the Vividriver API makes your job easier because your code for imaging peripherals will be the same on all platforms.

List of scanners supported:

These scanners are currently supported. Vividata can add new scanner support on a custom basis. Please inquire about your specific needs.



AGFA Duoscan
Bell & Howell 1000FB, 1500FB, and the Copiscan II series 3338A, 6338, ...(all models) with RSC-11 or 21
Bell & Howell 1000FB and 2000FB
Bell & Howell 4040D
Bell & Howell 80xx series
Bell & Howell 81xx series (including 8125D)
Bell & Howell 500FB
Canon CJ-10, CLC-10 with IPU-SS (scan and print)
Digital Equipment Corporation MD-410
Epson ES-300C, ES-600C, ES-800C, ES-1000C, ES-1200C, and European models
Epson Expression 636
Epson Expression 800
Epson Expression 836XL (no ADF support)
Epson 1640
Fuji PhotFilm Pictrography PG-3000, 4000, 4500 (printing)
Fujitsu ScanPartner 10, 10C, 600C, 620C
Fujitsu M3096G+/m/x, M3097G, 4750C, M3099G+/m
Hewlett Packard ScanJet IIC, IICX, 3C, 4C, 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P (w/o "green button" support), 6100C, 6200C, 6250C, 6300C, 6350, 6390
IBM 2456
Kodak XL-7700, XLT-7720, XLT-8600, XLT-8650 GPIB/SCSI (printing), 8650, 8660
Microtek ScanMaker 600ZS, ScanMaker II, IIXe, IIHR, III, E3, E6 (Microtek's ADFs are not supported.)
Panasonic KVSS-50, KVSS-55, 855
Ricoh IS 50, IS-60, IS-410, IS-420, IS-430
Ricoh FS2, Aficio IS01
Sharp JX-320s, JX-600, JX-610 (GPIB/SCSI)
UMAX PowerLook 2000, Mirage D-16L MD1600, Vista - SuperVISTA S-12
UMAX PowerLook II, UMAX Mirage II


Universal Scanner Drivers for OEMs and Developers working with Linux and UNIX systems