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Vividata has been creating quality imaging software for over 26 years.

Vividata LLC was founded in 1988 to provide contract engineering and design services to imaging and graphics product developers and manufacturers. Since that time, Vividata has developed a complete suite of smart, flexible, and easily integrated imaging toolkits, APIs, and applications for a broad range of business and enterprise applications. Vividata’s technologies have included document imaging, photographic image processing, RIPs, Image Servers, printer and scanner device drivers and several OCR technologies in over 20 Linux and UNIX operating systems, with special versions available in DOS, Windows, Apple, and dedicated environments. Dedication to a thorough understanding of customer needs has driven wide acceptance of our software solutions in numerous public and private-sector organizations, educational institutions, and government entities.

Vividata’s desktop products provide outstanding solutions for OCR, printing, and scanning in Linux and UNIX environments. These products offer valuable functionality yet are easily used by novices and experts alike. Our developer solutions provide programmability, integratability, and sophisticated features which more experienced users require.

In OCR toolkits for developers, Vividata is the only company offering solutions based on the industry-leading ScanSoft engines. We also offer the Vividriver® brand API for scanners, and tools for image file I/O, repurposing and conversion, rasterization, etc.

In March of 2003, Vividata released the OCR Shop XTR/API. A veritable recognition powerhouse, the OCR Shop XTR/API is the only Software Developer Kit (SDK) OCR solution on the market for Linux and UNIX users featuring ScanSoft recognition technology. OCR Shop XTR/API embodies over 26 years of expertise in document imaging, character recognition, and Linux and UNIX integration.

We can help assure the success of your projects. Vividata offers custom engineering and integration support for our technologies. If you have an OCR processing, printing, scanning and image management software development project, we can help you.

Vividata is proud of its accomplishments and position of industry leadership. With a “can-do” attitude we are committed to serving our clients while we continue to evolve our robust and flexible technologies.

OCR, imaging, and printing solutions for Linux and UNIX systems.