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Vividata offers custom printing and scanning solutions

Vividata's software engineers are available to develop custom applications for support of printers and SCSI scanners in a networked Linux™ and UNIX® environment. Vividata has provided high level application development and support for a wide array of end users, OEMs, enterprise business entities, and educational research institutions.

Potential custom development projects include:

  • Added support for scanners and printers unsupported by any other software available for Linux and UNIX systems
  • Accessibility to advanced features of the hardware critical for high-end printing and scanning applications

Vividata's printing solutions are ideal for large-scale, networked printing environments, supporting:

  • Networked and standalone printers
  • Direct printing of file types from PostScript to image files
  • Access at the command-line and from within applications
  • Addition of headers and footers by administrators or users

Based on your needs, solutions may include API libraries to integrate tightly with your own application, command-line utilities for batch processing, or GUI applications for end-user accessibility.

Please Contact Sales for inquiries and proposals for custom development solutions.

Access to 15 years of Vividata Software Engineering Expertise