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OCR Shop XTR Lite
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Technical Specifications

OCR Shop XTR™ Lite is a command-line interface driven OCR program based on the same ScanSoft® recognition technology as OCR Shop XTR and the OCR Shop XTR/API.

OCR Shop XTR Lite comes with an installer, which places the executable and resource files (such as language, character set, and licensing files) on the system.

Operating System Support:

Sun Solaris™ SPARC® (Solaris™ 2.7+)
Linux™ x86 (Kernel 2.0 and higher)


One input file is passed to the program at a time. Supported input formats include:

  • Multipage and single page TIFF files
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  • JPEG (Joint Photographics Experts Group File Interchange Format)
  • PDF (Portable document format)*
  • PS (Postscript)*
  • PBM (Portable BitMap)
  • PNG (Portable network Graphics Format)
  • PPM (Portable PixMap)
  • Rasterfile
  • SGI-RGB (Silicon Graphics image file format)
  • XWD
  • X11

* PDF and PS input are licensed as add-on features.


In each run of OCR Shop XTR Lite, one output file is generated. A multipage page input file will result in one multipage output file, just as a one page input file will result in one output file.

The output format is ASCII or Unicode text.

An output file will overwrite any pre-existing file of the same name.

Recognition and processing:

Preprocessing and recognition options are set to fully automatic, in order to provide the best results for a wide variety of input images.

Documents are recognized in English by default, but over 50 different languages are available. The user may specify one or more languages on the command-line.


OCR Shop XTR Lite is licensed to a specific machine based on that computer's machine ID. Licensing controls the number of concurrent instances permitted, as well as features such as PDF/PS input and languages.


The command-line options for OCR Shop XTR Lite include the output filename and the input filename:

xtrclilite <inputFileName> <outputFileName> [options]

Available options are:

-l <languagename,...>

Language used for recognition; multiple languages from the same code page may be specified and should be separated by commas.

-o unicode|ascii Output format

Special options provide help and version information:

--help Help
--version Version information

Running OCR Shop XTR Lite to process an image is equivalent to running OCR Shop XTR with the following command-line:

ocrxtr -out_text_name=[outputFileName] [inputFileName]

OCR Shop XTR Lite returns zero on success or a negative number on error.

Errors may be caused by invalid input files, missing parameters, or an invalid license.

Supported Languages:

Multiple languages may be used at once, if they come from the same code page. If a language is not supported by ASCII text, Unicode output must be selected.

During software evaluations, all languages are available. On purchase, OCR Shop XTR Lite comes with one language; additional languages may be purchased.

Afrikaans Albanian Aymara
Basque Breton Bulgarian
Byelorussian Catalan Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch
English Estonian Faroese
Finnish Flemish French
Frisian - West Friulian Gaelic
Galician German Greek
Greenlandic Hawaiian Hungarian
Icelandic Indonesian Italian
Kurdish (Latin) Latin Latvian
Lithuanian Macedonian (Cyrillic) Malaysian
Norwegian Pigin English Polish
Portugese Romanian Russian
Serbian Serbo-Croatian Slovak
Slovenian Sorbian - Lower Sorbian - Upper
Spanish Swahili Swedish
Tahitian Turkish Ukranian
Welsh Zulu  

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