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OCR Shop XTR Lite
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Command-line OCR for basic image to text conversion

OCR Shop XTR Lite for Linux and UNIX is designed for optical character recognition in scripting and programmatic applications, as well as stand-alone usage.

OCR Shop XTR Lite is an ideal tool for applications that do not require the full functionality of the OCR Shop XTR or OCR Shop XTR/API products. Read about OCR Shop XTR or the OCR Shop XTR/API if your application requires flexible image pre-processing, confidence values or layout information for results, file handling support, searchable PDF output, or forms processing.

OCR Shop XTR Lite features:

  • A command-line interface
  • Support for input of all major image formats, including PDF
  • ASCII and Unicode text output
  • Support for 56 different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian

To learn about the differences between OCR Shop XTR and OCR Shop XTR Lite, refer to the Comparison of OCR Products.

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After downloading, read the Quickstart Guide for easy installation and usage instructions.

Now supporting 56 languages!

Learn how to use the language option in the Quickstart Guide or Manual.