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OCR with a command-line interface

OCR Shop XTR is a flexible tool for fast and accurate OCR. Built for Linux and UNIX, OCR Shop XTR is ideal for scripting and programmatic applications, as well as stand-alone usage.

Extensive command-line parameters allow for sophisticated pre-processing, recognition, and output optimization. The OCR Shop XTR base package supports numerous standard input and output formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and RGB input images, and ASCII and Unicode text output. OCR Shop XTR also provides access to detailed XDOC output with metadata

Extend OCR Shop XTR capabilties further with powerful optional add-on modules. The PDF/PS input add-on allows for the conversion of PDF and Postscript files into editable documents. PDF and HTML modules provide output in compound document formats which combine recognized text with embedded images. 56 different languages are also available, including Latin 1, Latin 2, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.

OCR Shop XTR is an outstanding production tool for Linux and UNIX environments. A software evaluation is the best way to assess its power and effectiveness. Download a FREE evaluation today.

After downloading, read the Quickstart Guide for easy installation and usage instructions.

To compare OCR Shop XTR to Vividata's other OCR software, refer to Comparison of Vividata OCR Software.

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