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OCR with a graphical front-end

For most OCR applications, we strongly recommend using OCR Shop XTR or OCR Shop XTR Lite over OCR Shop GUI:

  • OCR Shop XTR and OCR Shop XTR Lite are designed for high volume OCR applications and have a richer feature set.
  • OCR Shop XTR and OCR Shop XTR Lite require no training for basic usage.

OCR Shop GUI is appropriate for:

  • Joint human-machine OCR processing, where interactive desktop usage is required in Linux and UNIX environments.
  • Automated processing via a command-line mode for AIX, IRIX, and HP-UX platforms.

With OCR Shop GUI, operator training is required for production operation.

OCR Shop GUI was the first in our family of powerful OCR solutions for transforming document images into editable digital files and is based on ScanSoft ® recognition technology.

OCR Shop GUI incorporates powerful features, including the ability to draw custom regions for your input document, and training individual characters or symbols to ensure future accuracy.

Vividata's FREE evaluations are the best way to assess the power and effectiveness of OCR Shop. Contact Sales to request an evaluation.

Contact Sales to request a FREE OCR Shop GUI evaluation.